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Songs To Enhance People Signing

Mission Statement

To showcase the evolution and enhancement of people’s sign language skills through gospel, contemporary, pop, and hip hop music. To embody rhythm and passion through American Sign Language. 

Vision Statement

To bridge the gap between the hearing and deaf community by educating both on miscommunication and stereotyping. To serve as an advocate for both communities.

Support Our Cause

There is an increasing lack of education and sensitivity towards those that are deaf. My journey is my lifestyle. Please help us support this cause.


About Kei-Che

Kei-Che's Bio

Kei-Che Amanda Randle is a 28 years old, deaf, single mother of two hearing children, Zion Abrielle and Zaire Ali. She was formally introduced to American Sign Language as a senior in high school in Tucson, Arizona. It was then when she noticed the beauty of  ASL but she didn’t realize what an impact it would make in her life. 

In “deaf culture,” you must receive a deaf sign name from someone who is deaf. A young boy in her class, assigned her “pretty/cute” in ASL with a “K.” 

In 2015, she received the cochlear implant. Over six months increments, her bilateral hearing loss had decreased resulting in total deafness in her right ear. Kei-Che is bimodal. She wears a Resound hearing aid in her left ear and hybrid cochlear in her right.

In 2015, Kei-Che became employed at the Black Hawk YMCA as a site coordinator for Cedar Heights Elementary. She began to self-teach herself ASL through performances of songs. She reached out to the deaf community and found ways to practice and enhance her own skills. 

March 2015, she hosted her first “Def Gospel Jam” at the Black Hawk YMCA with over 100 people in attendance. 

March 2016, 2nd Annual STEPS by Kei-Che showcase was to honor one of Cedar Heights’ parents for her bravery and outlook on life, after being diagnosed with breast cancer for second time. 

In June 2018, Kei-Che hosted her 3rd annual showcase at the Cedar Falls Woman's Club. "It was an amazing experience.  The venue was beautiful, the children enjoyed themselves, and the audience was passionately participating. Just amazing!"

Knowing that one day she may lose all of her hearing, Kei-Che continue to prioritize Sign Language in her life. She has taught the children and adults in Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Denver, and Waverly, IA. She also bridging the gap in  Redwood City and Menlo Park, CA.

Kei-Che thrives while being ALL INCLUSIVE! Kei-Che welcomes all families to STEPS BY KEI-CHE.

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Upcoming Sessions:

1) Royal Legacy Christian Academy

2) St. John's Lutheran Church

3) UNI Spectrum Project

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